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Music at most wedding receptions is handled by a live band. Hiring a live band can provide newlyweds a lot of advantages. Wedding bands understand how to captivate and get the audience engaged in many ways. Typically, music played from live wedding bands are of better quality than the pre-recorded music heard from DJ’s. A seasoned wedding band understands how to make your reception, wedding and dinner memorable for the newlyweds and their guests.

When looking to choose and hire a live wedding band for your reception, wedding and dinner, there are several important factors to consider before choosing the best wedding band to hire. Some of these key factors may include:

Budget:- Weddings can be very expensive. You may think your budget is not large enough to entertain a live professional wedding band. You may consider hiring a small band since they may charge you a lower rate or, if you discover a live wedding band you really like than try to negotiate a rate that will fit within your budget The live wedding band from The New Deal Orchestra lead by Robbie Scott is that type of a wedding band that will be more flexible to accommodate your budget.

Band Reputation:- Though budget is an important factor to consider when hiring a live wedding band, you still have to look into the reputation of the live wedding band before engaging their services. Do some research to find out how professional the band is, and if they will really provide good value for your money. You can go online to review their website, reads previous clients testimonials the live wedding band performed for previously. Robbie Scott & The New Deal Orchestra has played at the White House for two Presidents of the United States and many more known customers in the public eye. With The New Deal Orchestra you will receive a 5 Star live Wedding Band for Two Star Prices. This is a great live wedding band to fit any reasonable budget.

The Band’s Playlist:- Make sure the live wedding band can accommodate your wedding and reception playlist wish list. Wedding receptions are all about fun with dancing and celebrating the special occasion with the bride and groom. It would be best to have a live wedding band that looks professional, sounds amazing and plays music that gets people up on the dance floor as well as a live wedding band to accommodate song requests.

Band Space:- Some venues only have room for a 3 piece band, while others can easily hold a 9 piece band. It’s worth taking the time to talk with the venue managers to make sure there are no sound restrictions in place that would prohibit a live band, and even ask about the configurations that have worked successfully at their venue in the past.

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Robbie Scott & The New Deal Orchestra

Get Ready to Hit the Dance Floor - Wedding Bands to Hire for Your Big Day

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Song List – More songs than you can imagine

See Us – Video Samples

To view more videos, please visit Robbie Scott’s YouTube Channel

See Us – Audio Samples

Big Band, Swing, Jazz and Showtunes Rock & Roll / Motown / Disco

• I’ve Got You Under My Skin
• Giving You the Best I Got
• Night & Day
• Heat Wave
• In the Mood
• Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
• Sing Sing Sing
• Respect
• Unforgettable
• Make Me Smile

New York City's Best Live Bands for Your Wedding

Audio clips and Video clips of Wedding music by Robbie Scott and the New Deal Orchestra. Including Big Band, Swing, Jazz and Show tunes, DJ, Rock & Roll, Motown, R&B, Disco.

Wedding Band New York City Reviews

Live Music Your Guests will Love!

Here's what Real Clients are saying about our band…

Robbie Scott and the New Deal Orchestra are a great choice for a wedding reception! They are excellent musicians and everyone at our reception had a blast dancing. Robbie Scott is good about keeping in touch leading up to the wedding and is focused on ensuring that you and your guests have a great time. We hired him along with 7 other pieces to play swing and jazz and we couldn’t have asked for a better band.

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I just wanted to let you know that we have had rave reviews for your wonderful music at our Taste of the Town event.

It was a very successful night, and exceeded everyone’s expectations! People really appreciated that the music was loud enough to enjoy but not so loud as to make conversation difficult, and they loved your selections. It was so much fun to have you with us, thank you very, very much. It was a pleasure getting to know you, and I will keep an eye on your web site in hopes of hearing your band again sometime soon. Thank you for making the night extra special for our guests.

I want to thank you and the New Deal Orchestra for making our wedding such a great success!

You provided us with a band that was within our budget, yet gave us a full musical sound experience for everyone to enjoy. Our guests danced all night long! I can”t tell you how many of our guests told us how amazing you were! We”ll be calling again when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

Robbie Scott and the NDO are fantastic!

Our guests were enchanted and amazed at the quality and we were wowed by the professionalism. We even had a dance instructor and he played along at her direction for the lesson. Our minister said the band was far and above, the best wedding band he had ever had in the church and all of our guests commented on how phenomenal they were. We recommend Robbie without reservation!

You ROCKED our wedding!

Robbie was extremely professional and responsive during the planning process. He even had the band learn a song that we love. This band is priced lower than many of the other bands I interviewed and they are FANTASTIC! We had 9 pieces and they played everything from Sinatra to Motown – we did not leave the dance floor for a minute. I cannot recommend this band more!

We absolutely love Robbie Scott and the NDO!

If you”re looking for classy, sophisticated, big band/jazz music, this is the band to check out. Robbie Scott”s band plays nice and soft so that you can talk and enjoy your dinner, but you still have beautiful music to dance to. Robbie even asked us how the volume was during the night-very thoughtful. We can”t wait to have another party of some sort so that we can work with them again!

This is a great band!

I saw them at a friend’s wedding, and from my wedding, another friend hired them, because they were so good. Everyone danced the night away – they really read the crowd well.

Here’s what The Press is saying…

Mr. Scott”s musicians… have a remarkable adaptability… a key quality is Mr. Scott”s drumming. His understanding of the right styles from which he draws, and an ability to keep his program moving smoothly and provocatively for both dancers and listeners. John S. Wilson – The New York Times

Had there been an applause meter…

Scott”s New Deal”s presentation would have won hands down. Brian D. Clifford – The Express-Times

The band is solid…

… from a the rhythm section… through the horns. So are the charts. But most important, perhaps, is that Scott and company have tailored some zestful compositions to take the predictability out of a big band set. Stuart Troup – Newsday

You made a hit with the United Way crowd! Jackie Cohen – The United Way

Scott”s New Deal Orchestra… played arrangements from the 20”s and the Swing Era with authenticity and flair.

George Kanzler – The Star Ledger

Your outstanding musical production helped to make all New Jerseans proud of the Governor”s Awards program and its fine recipients. Once again thank you for a job well done. Jim Florio – Governor, State of New Jersey

What a triumph!

At a Club which prides itself on the quality of its music and entertainment, you and your New Deal Swing Band have scored a perfect 10. Of all the dance bands that have played the Shore Club, none can compare to yours. The entire audience was captivated. Irv Cherashor, House Chairman – The Larchmont Shore Club

You must be very proud of the wonderful “Swing Band” you have formed. The music is outstanding! Everything you promised… and more! Thank you for doing such a superb job. Karen McNamara – The Canadian Society of New York

On behalf of Exxon Central Services, I wish to express our thanks for making the “Star Dust Ball” a huge success. You indeed, satisfied all musical tastes, and we look forward to working with you at our next event. Dale D”Antonio – Exxon Central Services

Your music created an elegant mood…

… and made graceful transitions from one element of the evening to the next. All night I heard nothing but compliments for the band. Nicholas Brown, Executive Director – National Aquarium, Bal

Best Wedding Bands in New York City, NY

FOR OVER 20 YEARS Robbie Scott and his NEW DEAL ORCHESTRA have provided music tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Musical versatility has made the NEW DEAL ORCHESTRA one of the most popular and sought after ensembles providing exciting, romantic, danceable musical entertainment for any type of formal or informal event.  Our talented musicians play over 300 events a year.  We can also be found on the big and small screen in such productions as televised parties at the White House for Presidents Clinton and Reagan and Woody Allen's films "Hannah and Her Sisters" and "Manhattan".

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Herein lies the secret to the success of The New Deal Orchestra - Give the client what they want.

We at Robbie Scott & The New Deal Orchestra provide the best Live Wedding Band Entertainment services in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Hire Us!

If our client is not sure what style of music will be best received, or if there will be a "mixed crowd" in attendance, Mr. Scott's years of band-leading and playing experience have made him an expert at reading a room and he will make sure the evening is a success!  By leaving it all up to Robbie Scott and his New Deal Orchestra our clients can actually relax and enjoy their own party.

Call us to get the attention and music you deserve.

New York City Wedding Bands

One unforgettable ensemble of musicians for one truly magical wedding celebration.

The New Deal Orchestra is a wonderful ensemble of diversified musicians who will elegantly perform for your ceremony, add lovely ambiance to your cocktail reception, and inexhaustibly fill the dance floor with guests all night long with a variety of music styles sure to please all. Hire Our New York Wedding Band Today!

You and your guests will go home weighing less than when you got there!

Robbie Scott’s sense of festive elegance, sophisticated fun, creativity, versatility and good taste will combine together to compliment the very magical wedding you had in mind for yourself, family and guests. Book our NJ Wedding Band for Your Holiday Celebrations Today!

Big Band Swing Era Classics, Sinatra favorites, Traditional and Classic Rock & Roll, Motown/R&B, Latin, Disco, Ballroom and party dance music to please all can and will be heard as per your wishes.

Let Robbie Scott make your wedding simply the best party you have ever been to: start by calling…

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A once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Your wedding. A formal fundraising gala. An informal corporate event. For festive elegance and sophisticated fun, let Robbie Scott and the New Deal Orchestra make it an unforgettable one – for you and your guests with our top rated & reviewed Wedding Band.

From a surprisingly affordable New York orchestra to an intimate trio, Robbie Scott can fill your event with the richness of music from any genre. Big Band Swing, Sinatra, Motown, Disco, Rock & Roll and hot Dixieland. From classic standards to today’s contemporary dance tunes, we’ll invigorate your guests with music that is irresistible.

Led by Robbie Scott, a consummate New York City musician who has played with Bobby Short, Woody Allen, and Benny Goodman, the New Deal Orchestra has the experience and versatility to make any event or wedding special. We have more than 20 years of experience performing for U.S. Presidents, Governors, corporate groups, VIPs,and wedding guests. We’re at home playing in any venue – from the White House to arenas to elite hotels to casual settings. We’ve even been on the big and small screens in such productions as televised parties at the White House and Woody Allen’s classic films “Hannah and Her Sisters” and “Cotton Club.”

1. Make your next event unforgettable with our:
2. Ability to mix music styles to please a mixture of guests
3. Full-time skilled vocalists and seasoned musicians who play hundreds of events each year 4. Throughout the tri-state area and across the country
5. Classic ceremony and cocktail music with string and brass ensembles

Let Robbie Scott give you one less thing to worry about!

Live Wedding Bands in New York, NY

An Interview with Robbie Scott

Interviewed by Rick Bard for the Spring edition of Manhattan Bride.

Choose a Band that is Versatile so Everyone Will Dance

“I want to get an assessment of who is coming to your wedding,” says Robbie Scott of New Deal Orchestra, “so we can know the age groups and musical styles. That helps me know what is going to make them dance.”

“Rarely is there a bride who doesn’t know what she wants. The people who call me are usually very tasteful in their decision-making and want the popular American standards of the 20’s to the 80’s. They like music of the big band swing era and hot jazz. It’s easy to dance to, most people recognize it, and it’s classy.”

Choosing Your Music…

Robbie starts with a play list, but will modify it as needed once he sees the crowd. “It’s like a quarterback coming up to the line and making a change in the play.”

“When I talk to the bride and groom, I ask for their top 20 songs. If we have 17 of them in our repertoire, then we’re off to a good start. It’s my hope that the bride and groom also give me a good assessment of who is coming. But there are some songs that will get almost anyone up and dancing.”

“Take Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’ Even shy people get up and dance to that. I also look for catalysts, people who get up and dance without any prodding. I find out what they want, because when they’re on the dance floor they’ll draw other people out.”

“Another thing I do is make sure the maitre d’ lowers the lights. People who have not appeared on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ don’t want to dance under bright lights! At some parties, I could drop a tray and 10 people will get up and dance! At other parties, a lot of the crowd can only march. They’ve got two feet and two beats. Doesn’t matter. We pick a lot of tunes that are very danceable.”

Memorable Moments…

Robbie and the New Deal Orchestra recently played at The Hudson Theater. “We were on-stage where many great shows were performed. The acoustics, the view, and the background were great. I’ve played many very interesting parties, but playing a Broadway theater for a wedding is very special. It’s a very unique setting, and for some brides and grooms, once they’ve seen it, that’s all they can have.”

“The bride is the center of the world that day. So we’re not too loud during the cocktail hour. We let people talk and catch up. If the cocktail hour is too boisterous it takes away from the wedding. No matter what we play, how loud, how soft, or how dynamic, the big show is the bride and groom. We try to get to them by way of our music, and make them the stars.”

Robbie and the New Deal Orchestra play very energetically, “but we aren’t so loud that we prevent people from talking across the table.” He would rather rely on the band’s great versatility. “We can play many styles very well. That’s our strength. People call us because of that more than anything else. If you”re looking for the very latest hits, we’re not your band. If you want an all-serious classical ensemble, that’s not us either, but we do have specialists who can come in and do that for the ceremony.”

A Musical Background…

After playing for years with other bands, Robbie started the New Deal Orchestra. “I’ve been playing since I was seven years old, banging on the pots and pans.”

Robbie has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows. For example the CBS-TV show ‘Blue Bloods’ recently wanted someone who could play the drums. “They didn’t want an extra. The show stars Tom Selleck, who I knew from coming to the Carlyle Hotel, when I would play with Bobby Short.”

In the second season’s opening episode, Tom Selleck celebrates an anniversary with his wife by taking her to a posh club. Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood are performing ‘It Had To Be You’ and there’s a band behind them. “I was between Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood, right up front and center.”

Robbie also played for 10 years with Woody Allen at both Michael’s Pub and the Carlyle. “I would back him up with six other musicians playing hot jazz from the 1920’s, as I did with other stars.”

The Big Thrill: Packing the Dance floor…

What’s the most exciting thing about playing at a wedding? “That’s my favorite question! When I see the dance floor packed and people responding to the music, the band right on the money with a medley of tunes that keep people dancing, and the energy building up into a crescendo of good feelings, that’s the most exhilarating feeling!”

“We try to follow the wishes of the bride and the groom and their ideas and feelings but I have some sure shots. I can get just about any crowd out and boogeying.”

Budget-Minded Music…

To help couples watch their budgets, Robbie evaluates the musical styles they want. “If they want a big band, swing and jazz, we’re not going to do it with a quartet, but 10 pieces might sound as good as 15 pieces. So I just ask the question: ‘What do you want to spend?’ Most of the time I always give them something for free. For example, if you hire six or seven musicians I might give you the ceremony and the cocktail hour for free, or one additional musician for the ceremony or cocktail hour. I try to work with each couple financially.”

“The key to our success is that we play with a great sense of enthusiasm, and we’re probably one of the most versatile bands out there. We do a lot of styles of music very well.”

Thanks to Manhattan Bride for publishing such a great article.

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NY Wedding Band - Connecticut Wedding Bands

Robbie Scott and the New Deal Orchestra is a band that services Queens, Staten Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx and various other areas. They are musicians that play at corporate parties, corporate events, and other functions. They play Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Hot Jazz, Latin Music, Motown, Rhythm, Blues, Disco, Sinatra, and more. Hire our Best Wedding Band in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania!

What we do well?
  • The Most Versatile band in the business.
  • We play a great mixture of music styles to please a mixture of guests.
  • Classical ceremony music / String and Brass ensembles
  • Big Band / Sinatra / Swing / 30's & 40's / Jump & Jive of the 90's
  • Classic & Traditional Rock & Roll of the 50's & 60's
  • Motown / Rhythm & Blues of the 60's & 70's
  • Disco of the 70's
  • Party dance music of the 80's & 90's
Who are we?
  • Musicians & vocalists are in there 30's to 50's
  • People with seasoned professional experience.
  • New Jersey Wedding Bands
  • People who show up on time.
  • People who take care of business, yet have fun doing it.
  • People who have no bad habits.
  • People who act and dress in a professional manner.
  • People who have honed there craft well and can really play!
  • We are full timer's ; no weekend warriors.
  • People who make other people smile with a job well done.
  • NYC & New York Wedding Bands

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One of the most versatile bands in the business, Robbie Scott and the New Deal Orchestra provides a sophisticated blend of Jazz, Swing, and Rock music guaranteed to make your wedding, corporate event or party one that your guests will not soon forget.

You name it. We’ll play it. They’ll love it!

Live Music for All Occasions

• Weddings
• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
• Corporate Events
• Anniversary Parties
• Concerts
• Cocktail Hours
• Receptions
• Learn More…

Styles of music We Play

• Big Band / Sinatra / Swing
• Classic & Trad. Rock & Roll
• Motown / Rhythm & Blues
• Disco Music
• Party Dance Music
• See & Hear More…

( 30’s & 40’s )
( 50’s & 60’s )
( 60’s & 70’s )
( 70’s )
( 80’s & 90’s )

Song List – More songs than you can imagine

Take a look at Robbie Scott’s Song List

Check out Robbie playing alongside Tony Bennett & Carrie Underwood on CBS-TV’s drama Blue Bloods.

Flexible and Affordable

From a 5-7 piece ensemble to a full 12-14 piece orchestra, we can accommodate your budget and requirements making the New Deal Orchestra one of the most flexible and surprisingly affordable groups in the New York areas.